Windsor Championship Show – Bolognese

I would like to thank the exhibitors for a very pleasing and quality entry. Presentation has definitely improved, together with breed type that seems to be more consistent than when I last judged them.

Judge – Adele Summers

Veteran Dog/Bitch

  1. Dowty’s Multi Ch Bolognese Star Audrey at Havanese Stars -10 years of age and this bitch is in excellent condition, conducting herself with style and assurance. Flat topskull with good width, well set ears, large dark round eyes, good pigment throughout, nice finish of mouth with correct bite and good dentition, well placed shoulders, straight front, firm and strong behind with good let down of hock, excellent coat and fronding. Good body and well sprung ribcage, level topline, well set tail, moved and showed well with style Best Bitch & Best Veteran.
  2. Thomas’s Figgarony Andromache at Belstown – another quality girl of 8 years. Good head and expression, nice dark eyes, good pigment, neck of correct length, good body and bone, moves well both coming and going. For me preferred the overall head and expression of the winner.


Puppy Dog – no entries

Junior Dog

  1. Haig’s Donocielo Massimo – well bodied youngster with nice spring of rib and good topline. Good finish of mouth, nice dark eye although on the day the eyerims could be darker, large black nose. He was a bit unsettled on the move but this I am sure could be improved with more ring training.
  2. Thatchers Greg Denajwen With Devonia – this youngster was a little unsure of himself on the day. Well bodied with level topline, nice spring of rib, good dark eyes, wide flat topskull with good earset. Good coat and fronding of correct texture


Post Graduate Dog

  1. Begg & Dowty’s Little White Wonder Peppino Matteo – very smart mover, covers the ring with complete assurance and shown in excellent condition. Good head properties including dark pigment, dark eyes that personally for me could be slightly larger, good length of muzzle, large black nose and good finish of mouth. Has a short solid body, well covered ribcage, level topline, straight front and well muscled rear end.
  2. Thatcher’s Devonia’s Montecristo – another handsome male with short compact body, well sprung ribs, dark eyes and good pigmentation, black nose. Moved and showed well.
  3. Towers Tumbril Timelord

Limit Dog

  1. Haig’s Donocielo Massimo


Open Dog

  1. Dowty & Begg’s Little White Wonder Othello Matteo – such a quality young dog with stylish head and expression with good pigmentation throughout, good topskull, well placed ears, large round eyes that are dark. Good length of muzzle with good stop giving that lovely expression, nice finish of mouth with good scissor bite. Good body shape with nice topline, just needs to mature into it but nevertheless a lovely exhibit. Well placed shoulders, straight front, moves well both coming and going. Best Dog & Best of Breed
  2. Blakeway’s Marczipan Star – well balanced male with a good solid body, good topline, good spring of rib, nicely set tail, pleasing head and expression. Moved and showed well. Reserve Best Dog


Good Citizens Dog or Bitch – No entries

Puppy Bitch

  1. Walkers Aemilia’s Heart to Heart – very femine headed puppy with a sweet expression, good dark eye, nice muzzle with good stop, black nose, nicely covered body with good topline and well set tail. Moved and showed well. Best Puppy
  2. McArdell’s Phendella Donna – 6 month old young lady who showed well. Has good dark eyes, good finish of mouth, well placed ears. A little longer in muzzle than the winner.


Junior Bitch

  1. Begg & Dowty’s Clarchien Happy – epitomises the “square compact” picture that comes to mind when reading the breed standard. At 18 months old she is already mature. Really loved her head and expression with its good pigmentation, lovely eyes, good muzzle with correct stop, black nose, good finish of mouth. Well placed front assembly, good firm rear end with good let down of hock, well set tail, good topline. Presented to perfection in excellent coat of the correct texture. Moved with style. Reserve Best Bitch
  2. Blakeway’s Bellablakes Loving Arms – Slightly longer in body to the winner but has a lot to commend her. She has the sweetest expression with lovely dark eyes and good pigmentation. Her body is well sprung and well covered, well placed shoulders and is solid behind. Moved and showed well.


Post Graduate Bitch

  1. Towers Tumbril Tennessee Honey – such a sound and stylish girl who pushed hard for the top honours. She is well bodied, with a good topline, good shoulder placement, very good behind with well let down hocks. She has a lovely head and expression, good pigmentation. Not quite in full coat but nevertheless a lovely girl who showed to perfection.
  2. Thomas’s Belstown Rather Go Naked – Well presented coat in good condition and of good texture. Has a good body with good topline and nice tailset. Sound throughout. Would prefer a slightly shorter muzzle to complete the picture.


Limit Bitch

  1. Thomas’s Belstown Grace’s Carol – well balanced with good body and spring of rib, held her topline well on the move. Good head with correct flat topskull, nicely placed ears, large dark round eyes, good pigment. Excellent coat and texture. Moved and showed well which secured her place here.
  2. Thatcher’s Devonia’s Red Hot Summer – smaller type than winner who has a good body, nice topline, well set tail, nice head and expression with good pigmentation. Showed well.

Open Bitch

  1. McArdell’s Tumbril Tantrams and Tiaras at Phendelle – Femine girl with a good solid body, well sprung ribcage, level topline. Lovely dark round eyes, good finish of mouth. Nicely set shoulders and firm rear end. Moved with such style coming and going.
  2. Begg & Dowty’s Little White Wonder Orsola Gina – very pretty headed bitch with a delightful expression. Large dark eyes, good pigment, good length of muzzle, firm jaw with correct bite. Solid body with good ribcage and nicely placed tail.