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Mrs Brenda Banbury


As President of the British Bolognese Club, I would like to congratulate all concerned on the excellent web pages which give so much breed information and advice to those thinking of adding a Bolognese to their household.

I judged some of the first classes at Crufts in 2002 and the British Bolognese Club Show in 2010, plus several championship shows in between.

I see an increase in enthusiasm for the breed as each year passes by. I now look forward to enjoying the breed at Crufts in March when Espen Engh, from Norway, will be officiating.

Ms Adele Summers

Tel: 0141 316 8587
Puppy register enquiries should be directed to the secretary

Adele Summers has been involved with dog showing since 1974 as co-owner of the Toydom Pekingese kennels and latterly Fashionista Toy Poodles.

Multiple Pekingese champions were made up under the Toydom prefix, together with Tibetan Spaniels and CC winning King Charles Spaniels.

Toy Poodles came into Adele’s life in 2005 and in partnership with Yvonne Rawley made up Ch Solnes Black Night Ipomoea at Fashionista this year.

From the early 1980’s Adele became involved in the administrative side of dogdom, serving as a committee member of the Pekingese Reform Association and the Pekingese Club. Eventually she was to become Chairman of the former in the 1984 and Secretary of the latter in 1999.

She was also co-author of one of the more recent books on Pekingese with partner of the Toydom Pekingese, Vandy Williams.

After serving as a committee member of the British Bolognese Club she was elected to be Secretary in 2009.

Currently Adele is a member of the Kennel Club, Secretary of the British Bolognese Club, and Vice Chairman and committee member of Leeds Championship Dog Show.

Mrs Liz Stannard

Tel: 01260 252834

My first introduction to show dogs was when i met my late husband Paul who at the time was exhibiting GSDs but was looking for a smaller breed, in this case Pekingese.

We bought two bitches from one of the top kennels of the time and bred our first litter in 1968 and from this came our first Champion who was made up in 1970. We increased our kennel and exhibited all over the country and during the 1970s & 80s  we were Top kennel in the breed for a number of years and Top Toy & Top Stud. We made up 16 Champions and won over 100 CCs.

In the early 1980’s I added Griffons to the show team and made up a champion bitch but the classes often clashed with the Pekes who were first priority so the Griffons often just went to the show and never got into the ring!

We also had Irish Wolfhounds who I showed very lightly and bred a couple of litters but they were mainly our “fun breed”

As Paul judged a lot  overseas I often went along for the trip  and it was here that I saw my first Bolognese. Although there were not many being shown in any country I managed to import my first pair from Denmark in 1990. This was in the days before the Pet Passport and so they had to go through six months quarantine.

In those days you could show in the Import classes before there was a limit on the numbers that had to be in the country before they were recognised by the Kennel Club, so they went to their first show only days after coming out of quarantine.

My judging career took off after Paul’s as I was more keen on showing but over time and with Paul’s health problems I reduced the numbers of dogs and gave up breeding and concentrated more on my judging.

I now award CCs in 23 breeds which includes all of the Toy Group and some Utility. I have judged in most countries of the world and at all the general championship shows in this country including Crufts on a number of occasions including the Toy Group.

My main interest now are in canine administration and I am Secretary of one of the  larger general championship shows, also Secretary of a Toy Group society, Chairman of a major Pekingese Club and of course Chairman of the British Bolognese Club which I have been since the beginning.

I sit on two committees at the Kennel Club, The Show Executive, and Breed Standards & Stud Book. I am Health Co- ordinator for both Pekingese and Bolognese and an Evaluator for Toy judges.

I have only four elderly Bolognese now but a lot of fantastic memories of my life in dogs.

joy and norman

Mr Norman Hough and Mrs Joy Hough (co-opted)

We had our first Bolognese puppy in 2004 and joined the British Bolognese Club soon after. It has been such a privilege to own a Bolognese, we have had three and bred two puppies who have both done well in the show ring.  We have enjoyed being members of this Club, we have only missed one of the club shows due to illness.  We have helped out on a few occasions. We look forward to working together with the committee, we have both served on committees before, so we know how important it is to work as a team.

Mr Mark Burns

Vice Chairperson

Resume and photo coming soon……

Mrs Christine Rushbrook

Tel: 01525 873079

I have owned dogs all my life, firstly Cocker spaniels, then Bichons and have had the pleasure of owning Bolognese since 2001. All my dogs are very much loved members of the family, I bred my first litter in 2003 and have enjoyed watching the breed develop over the years. I have been a member of the committee for many years now and take an active role in helping and supporting the club. I particularly enjoy representing the Club and our breed at the Discover Dogs event twice a year.

Ms Jane Owen

Tel: 07985 243191

Carole and Dennis Mulligan

We discovered this rare little breed of dog by chance and were immediately enchanted by their beauty and personality.

In 2010 were lucky to find Mia our first Bolognese puppy who changed our lives forever. We are now blessed to own four lovely Bolognese, three of which we bred ourselves. They have been wonderful additions to our family.

We regularly exhibit at dog shows and have been members of the British Bolognese Club for a number of years.

We look forward to working as part of the Committee.