Code Of Ethics


1. Members are expected to abide by this Code of Ethics, as adopted by the membership, together with the General Code of Ethics of the Kennel Club (see Appendix 1) and accept that any breach may result in action being taken in accordance with Club rules resulting in expulsion from the Club.

2. No member should gain ownership of more dogs than he or she can care for and keep in a healthy environment. Members should maintain the best possible standards of canine health and provide protection from known diseases where such protection is available. Proper veterinary care should be provided when required promptly and with the dogs welfare uppermost..

3. Members should conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is a credit to the Club and ownership of Bolognese. Members should not use any method of communication whatsoever in a way that could be considered defamatory, insulting or detrimental to another member, or the Club, or to the breed in general nor furnish information including pedigrees and photographs of dogs not owned by them without prior written consent of the owner


All members who breed or exhibit should:

4. Familiarise themselves with the Kennel Club Breed Standard (see Appendix 2) and aim to breed or exhibit dogs that conform to that standard and which have not been changed in appearance by artificial or surgical means except as the breed standard or Kennel Club may allow.

5. Maintain accurate breeding records, registration documents and pedigrees.

6. Breed only from or with dogs registered with the Kennel Club or Clubs affiliated to the Kennel Club.

7. Endeavour to obtain a Restricted Registration certificate to prevent breeding from any puppy exhibiting such faults that are or may be of a hereditary nature, so that to breed from such a dog may be detrimental to the dog itself or to the breed in general.

8. Not part with a puppy under the age of eight weeks to a new owner.

9. At the time of sale, furnish the new owner with a diet sheet, a record of all inoculations and worming carried out. The pedigree, Kennel Club registration and signed transfer documents should also be supplied, unless a written agreement is made at time of sale that papers are to be withheld and/or conditions imposed.

10. Should not, under any circumstances, make false or exaggerated claims that cannot be substantiated, for example, about future prospects of puppies, quality of breeding stock, or record of show wins.

11. Use best endeavours to ensure that all stock is healthy at time of sale, unless agreed otherwise and put in writing and acknowledged by the purchaser, such stock having been checked for any health problems and the purchaser being given full access to the results.

12. Use best endeavours to ascertain that every prospective owner is suitable, and to resume responsibility for their stock, where practicable, if it proves unsuitable for its new home for whatever reason.
This provision also applies when stock is to be exported, with the additional responsibility of the Exporter to use best endeavours to ensure the dog’s welfare in transit. Members are reminded that not all countries have protective animal welfare laws, or Breed Clubs that cater for the welfare of the breed. It is the sole responsibility of the exporter to ensure that adequate welfare provisions exist.

13. Not sell stock to a third party or to a pet shop or puppy dealer nor operate as such.

14. Enter into breeding terms with care. All parties should understand fully the terms, these being agreed in writing. Kennel Club ‘Loan of Bitch Agreement’ or other form of written contract should be used, preferably witnessed and properly signed with all parties retaining a signed copy.


15.. No dog which has a known physical defect that could be detrimental to the health and well being of the offspring or the breed in general should be used at stud.

16.  Stud dog owners are advised to see the bitch’s pedigree and registration certificate to establish ownership, age and endorsements. The number of litters, number of puppies and when she last had a litter should also be ascertained. It is advisable that the bitch should have a full health check before mating and stud dog owners should assure themselves that this has taken place and was satisfactory.

17. Any dog that is to be used at stud should be annually checked for good health, and be free from infection, and be in good condition at the time of mating.

18. Stud dog owners should be aware of the risk of cross infection and allow sufficient time between mating different bitches, to minimise risk. The owner of the bitch should be informed of the previous mating if less than 48 hours has elapsed.


19. No bitch with a known physical defect that could be detrimental to the health and well being of the bitch, her offspring or the breed in general should be used for breeding.

20. No bitch to be mated so as to whelp before she is 16 months old, and then only if she is considered mature enough with a vets approval to raise a litter of puppies.

21. No bitch to be mated so as to rear a litter after her eighth birthday.

22. No bitch should normally rear a litter on consecutive seasons, and in any case, must have no more than one litter in any 12 month period.

23.  No bitch to be allowed more than four litters in her lifetime.

24. No bitch to be mated who has had one caesarean section, as this would indicate possible whelping difficulties.

25. Any bitch used for breeding should be protected from known diseases when available, be annually checked for good health, be free from any infection, and be in good condition at the time of mating.

26.  Bitches received from overseas for mating should be returned as soon as possible. This should be within 4 weeks from the date of mating.

27. No bitch more than 4 weeks in whelp should be exported or imported.


I/we the undersigned, declare that I/we have read and agree to abide by the above Code of Ethics, and Appendices, and understand that failure to abide by the Code may result in my/our suspension or expulsion from the Club

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Appendix 1 KC Code of Ethics by kind permission of the Kennel Club
Appendix 2 KC Breed Standard by kind permission of the Kennel Club