Three Counties Championship Show, Sunday, 12th June 2016


It was a great pleasure to judge my own breed of 20 years now at Three Counties Championship Show, thanks to the Committee for inviting me and a big thank you to my 2 stewards on the day, Mr & Mrs Glaston for their assistance.  The weather was really dire, very humid with lots of rain which was a shame as I had hoped to be outside as I always feel that the dogs prefer this and perform better. Our ring was a very decent size and carpeted which helped with the dog’s movement in comparison to those breeds shown on concrete although some found the scents from 3 days of showing quite interesting and tended to put their heads down a little. It was a late start again for the Bolognese just after 2.30pm and the humidity was worse by then, the dogs and handlers were starting to feel the effects of this so movement was restricted to once round the ring initially for their well-being.

Before judging any breed no matter how long I have been associated with it I always go over the Breed Standard as you should never assume that you know it all.  On reading the Bolognese standard I noted that this was introduced in 1994 so in essence 22yrs old, it was really basic and in my opinion did not give enough guidance to any prospective judge however, I believe that this is being addressed and revised now by the Breed Club.

My overall impression of the exhibits was very favourable, some still had a tendency to be long in the back, all were sound in movement, presentation has improved dramatically although a couple of exhibits could do with some support in this department, some teeth could be cleaner, so please if you are struggling with the coat or anything breed related go to some of the old established breeders and they will help you – they don’t bite! The coats generally were of good length and texture however, I did find a few exhibits with very soft coats, allowances are made for puppies but for mature dogs it’s not so good, care needs to be taken with products used on the coat so as not to soften it too much but also look at the breeding as well as the Bolognese coat is not a soft silky one, it’s slightly harsh to the touch, don’t lose that. I found the pigmentation excellent, no pale noses. Pads, noses, lips, haloes, eye rims quite defined in good black colour, a lot of black nails which was commendable, eye colour was also worth a mention, no light eyes just lovely soft ochre, shape was also good. Skull shapes varied slightly, longer muzzles, some stops weren’t defined enough for my liking which made some heads frontally look quite flat and detracted from the appearance I was looking for. Temperaments also were excellent given the heat that day, the majority wagged their tails at me which I love, one cheeky chappy was so exuberant he slipped his lead to go and play with his friend, luckily the Stewards were on the ball and captured him! It’s good to see personality coming through as I feel sometimes this is lacking in our breed so perhaps some thought in choice of future breeding stock is needed?

My class winners were all of exceptional quality, Best of Breed, Little White Wonder Othello Matteo, 19 month old dog going to the Toy Group and subsequently short-listed, a great achievement for a Bolognese.

Thanks to all the Exhibitors for their entries, it was an honour to go over your dogs!

Puppy Dog  – no entries

 Junior Dog  – 6  (2 abs)

1st  – Begg & Dowty’s Little White Wonder Peppino Matteo 17mths, very square outline, well made body with good spring of rib & depth of chest,  excellent coat type with correct texture and flocking, pigment in all departments spot on, carried topline well on move good rear drive, sound, nice shape of skull, good defined stop, correct proportions from nose to stop to occiput, ear set high and carried slightly away from head, correct dentition, soft ochre eye colour with sweet expression, good angulation front & rear, lovely temperament & personality.

2nd  –  Thatcher’s Devonia Montecristo, 18mths, slightly longer in body than I prefer but moved very well carried topline perfectly, pigment super, good mouth, correct coat & texture, well presented, nice temperament, well made body.

3rd  – Mulligan’s Donocielo Cesario

4th  – Haig’s Donocielo Massimo


Post Graduate Dog  2

1st  – Tower’s  Tumbril Timelord 2yr old, rather larger type than preferred however very sound on move, pleasant angulation front & rear, correct skull shape, coat slightly short but of good texture with a little shading, good reach of neck, firm body, pigment good all over, dentition correct .

2nd  – Haig’s Amelia’s Marcus Aurelius 3yr old, unfortunately not best presented however, very pleasant temperament, wagged his tail, well made body, excellent pigment all over including black nails, sound on move when he got going.


Open Dog  –  3 (1 abs)

1st  – Dowty & Begg’s Little White Wonder Othello Matteo 19mths nothing but praise for this guy, he epitomises the breed, static & kinetic balance spot on, exceptional presentation, coat stain free, correct flocking & texture, very square outline, good angulation front & rear, well made compact body, elbows tight in as is skin with good depth of chest, good ear & tailset, moved with drive & gusto round the ring, perfect pigmentation all over + black nails, skull shape of correct proportions with good defined stop, correct dentition, super temperament – one very happy boy! Well worthy of Best of Breed & short listing in Toy Group, certainly one to watch in the future!

2nd  – Blakeway’s Bellablakes Marczipan Star 4yr old a delight to go over, very sweet temperament, a gentleman, moved very well carrying his topline perfectly, well made body with elbows tight in but slightly long in body for me however, he made up for that in other areas, excellent pigment again including black nails, correct dentition, very good coat  with perfect flocking & texture, well presented, sound.

Puppy Bitch –  1 (1abs)

Junior Bitch –  4 (2abs)

1st –  Mulligan’s Donocielo Cassia only 12mths , well presented very sweet girl with more maturing to do but nicely balanced bitch of good proportions, correct skull shape, fabulous pigment including black nails, super coat albeit slightly soft in texture as she is still puppy, good angulation front & rear, moved well carrying her topline perfectly, lovely expression & temperament

2nd – Begg & Dowty’s Clarchien Happy 16mths, lovely type, square shape, nice skull of correct proportions, well made body, tight elbows & skin, correct dentition, a little lacking in coat but texture was correct, when settled she moved well, lovely temperament and pigment was excellent.


Post Graduate Bitch –

1st  -Mulligan’s Donocielo Seraphina 2yr old almost square in outline, well made firm body, moved soundly with drive carrying topline well, good pigment, tailset & dentition, coat had correct flocking, skull of good proportions, sweet temperament.

2nd  –  Thatcher’s Devonia’s Red Hot Summer 2yr old very sweet natured girl, a pleasure to go over, slightly smaller type but sound, lovely expression & shape of eyes, well defined pigment all over, super coat of good texture unfortunately a little staining on face due to hay fever allergy, good body, angulation & tailset

3rd – Tower’s Tumbril Tennesee Honey


Open Btich –  2

1st – Begg & Dowty’s Little White Wonder Orsola Gina 19mths super little bitch of perfect proportions, square, well made firm body with good depth of chest, elbows well in, skin tight, fabulous pigment all over, correct dentition, very sound on move, good skull shape, nicely defined stop, correct coat with excellent flocking & texture, lovely temperament.

2nd – Dowty & Begg’s Ir Ch Clynymona Jo I’m Alone 3yr old larger type of girl with profuse coat of correct flocking & texture, well made body, all sound on move, topline carried well, good tailset, well pigmented, good dentition, lovely temperament.


Best of Breed & Best Dog– Dowty & Begg’s Little white Wonder Othello Matteo

Reserve Best Dog – Begg & Dowty’s Little White Wonder Peppino Matteo

Best Bitch – Begg & Dowty’s Little White Wonder Orsola Gina

Reserve Best Bitch – Mulligan’s Donocielo Cassia


Judge:  Daphne Watson