The British Bolognese Club


I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge this charming breed. I thought they were quite delightful.


Minor puppy dog (2entries)


1st Messers K&R J Morgan-Stanley Little White Wonder Eskimo of Goldbourne

Eight month old little dog who was absolutely beautiful turned out in immaculate condition square, and coby with the prettiest of heads and beautiful expression, dark eyes, good nose, pigment, and on feet, correct mouth, just needs more ring craft as he was very difficult for his handler to show on a small amount of movement it was very good when it all falls into place. I’m sure he will have a great future.

2nd Mr D A & Mrs C M Mulligan Donocielo Mattia not as compact as the winner has a good flat skull large round, dark eyes that were well pigmented and looked smart on the move


Puppy Dog (no entries)


Junior Dog (1 entry)

1st C A Fabian Tumbril Tobruk 14 month old. A dog of the correct size very difficult to assess was rather reluctant to walk. However, he did have a very friendly temperament also dark eyes with the correct mouth and was well pigmented, another one needing more schooling


Novice Dog (0 entries)


Post Graduate Dog (1 entry)


1st Miss A Lovell & Mrs C Thatcher Devonia’s Anzio 1st a small, compact dog with the correct flocked coat has a pleasing head with wide skull and an intelligent expression


Limit Dog (1 entry)


1st B T & Christine Thatcher Kobanyai Pelyhes Odin with Devonia  2 year-old dog, with a pleasing head, large round, dark eyes that gave a gentle expression, good nose pigment, and correct mouth moved with confidence I was happy to award him Reserve Best Dog


Open Dog (3 entries)


1st Mr D A & Mrs C M Mulligan  Donocielo Michelangelo a mature male in good coat and wonderful condition. A wide flat skull. Long pendulous ears. excellent pigmentation on nose lips, eye rims and pads  correct mouth and the darkest of eyes moved with style around the ring. Sound in both directions. I was more than happy to award this dog, Best Male,  and B.I.S

2nd Mr Mark Whateley & Mrs Diane Whateley Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian a little heavier set than winner, but sound on the move coat was full and plentiful

3rd Fay Walker Stuart Little Prince George’s of the Black Orchid


Veteran dog (0 entries)


Minor Puppy Bitch (0 entries)


Puppy Bitch (2 entries)


1st Mr D A & Mrs C M Mulligan.Donocielo Maddalana what a lovely puppy this is well proportioned she has a pleasing head with wide flat skull large round, dark eyes, correct dentition, medium length of neck with well laid shoulders moved freely, in both directions I was happy to award her Best Puppy in Show

2nd Mr Mark Whateley & Mrs Diane Whateley. Lyckalotte Holly at Arkadian almost 1 year old, a little bitch, good size and in good condition dark eyes correct mouth with good pigment coat not quite in the condition of winner, but a quality exhibit


Junior Bitch(2 entries 1 absent)

1st C A Fabian Tumbril Tokyorose a 14 month old bitch of ideal size, well-balanced large round dark eyes that were well pigmented unfortunately expression was slightly marred by staining around the eyes, she had a good mouth with a happy temperament and moved with style


Novice Bitch (0 entries)


Post Graduate Bitch (1 entry)

1st Bette Hopkins. Lyckalotte Elegance Athena decent shape. slightly arched over loin good pigmentation throughout with a good outgoing temperament


Limit Bitch (3 entries)

1st C A Fabian, Tumbril That’s The Ticket well presented bitch of correct proportions with slightly sloping patterns she has a good spring of ribs and well muscled hindquarters and moved well in both directions

2nd Jane Towers Enjanicka Evening Emerald similar remarks apply slightly longer in body than the winner quality exhibit with good temperament


Open Bitch (2 exhibits)

1st Jane Towers.Enjanicka Toscana Mio Caro  square and compact with a good flocked coat with strong pigment and correct mouth, eyes were dark and round with good eye placement medium length of neck and smart on the move. Happy to award her Resserve Best bitch

2nd B T & Christine Thatcher  Devonia’s Calabria. Very similar to winner in that she had the correct proportions in body and head also well pigmented throughout.


Veteran Bitch (2 entries)

1st Mr D A & Mrs C M Mulligan Donocielo Seraphina an eight-year-old bitch showing the lasting qualities of the breed small, ideal size, compact and square, keeping the correct outline at all times. Pigment was excellent, eyes dark and round giving a soft, gentle expression, correct mouth and sound on the move I was happy to award her Best Bitch in Show and Reserve Best in Show

2nd Mr Mark Whateley & Mrs Diane Whateley. Arkadian Beloved Diana, eight years old. Nice size, not in the coat of the winner. Moved adequately.