BOLOGNESE – LKA 9th December 2017

It was a great pleasure to judge my favourite breed at LKA. The standard of presentation overall was very good, all had clean coats and teeth, though a few dogs were presented with coats combed out which is incorrect and spoiled their appearance. A simple fine spray of water ½ hr before the ring usually does the trick to bring back the flocks. It was good to see there was no visible trimming and all were in their natural state ! Some dogs albeit they had many good attributes, were just not square, this is one of the most important points in the breed standard and I had to penalise this. Movement was generally very good, as were top lines and dentition. Temperament wise, all were impeccably behaved both on the table and in the ring. The males as they mature ie around 5 years plus and in their prime do have an unfair advantage over the bitches in the coat department, it is like the Lion and the Lioness ! My BOB Blakeway’s Bellablake Marczipan Star (I note is son of the BV) stood out, he moved very well in the Group ring. I was sorry to hear that this was his last show as he is now being retired. I see that BOS Johnson’s Biancopale Shining Star was his daughter and this was her first BB win. The Veterans were outstanding, none of them really showing their age and all in great condition, a credit to their owners, it was a difficult decision to choose between them. The puppy entry was low, I do hope that there will be more puppies in the ring in 2018, they are after all the future of the breed.

PD (1) Pipta’s Dante’s Bel Diamond 11 month old, a big boy but nevertheless in proportion and square. Level top line, well flocked coat, excellent pigment, well sprung ribs, and he moved very confidently for a youngster. I just hope he doesn’t grow anymore !! I would have preferred a slightly shorter muzzle. BP

JD (3) 1.Towers’s Enjanicka Midnight Blue 14 months, a square youngster full of quality, beautiful head and expression, dark eyes and good pigmentation. Excellent coat quality needing a little more length, which will come with age. Correct length of neck and good top line. He moved with drive and confidence around the ring. Just pipped at the post by the OD on maturity. RBD
2. Pipta’s Dante Bel Diamond.
3. Holliday’s Belstown Merlau Black Bird, a lot to like about this young dog but, he is a little long. He did have the best coat in the class.

PGD (2,2)

LD (2,1) 1. Epstein’s Bellablakes Bugatis Bow 4 years old, a lovely boy who moved freely and well around the ring. Good pigmentation, level top line, and correct flocked coat. He had many good attributes but unfortunately is not square.

OD (2,1) 1. Blakeway’s Bellablake Marczipan Star, a square 5 year old, definitely in his prime he has matured in to a stunning masculine dog. Wide flat skull as it should be, excellent pigmentation, nice black rims around his eyes, big black nose and overall a very pleasing expression. Super coat. Level top line and good tail set, well sprung ribs, well muscled, he moved with drive and confidence, although he appeared more settled in the group ring. BOB
2. Thatcher’s Devonia’s Montecristo 3 years, smaller type than 1. A little long in the body. Super correct coat, well flocked, good pigmentation and a pleasing expression with big dark eyes and nose. He also moved well around the ring.

VD (2) 1. Hewitson’s Multi Ch Predatino Bengi of Moorhey, 7 ½ years old in very good condition. It is a couple of years since I have seen him in the ring and good to see he has come out of retirement and matured so well. Good head and dark pigment, wide flat skull giving a pleasing appearance. Correct and profuse well flocked coat. Level top line, well turned stifles and he moved like a pro around the ring. BV 2. Hopkins’s Strophair Luigi another super veteran. This 8 year old dog also moved very well, super flocked coat, lovely dark eyes and nose, level top line but his tail carriage could have been a little better. Longer in the muzzle than 1

PB (2,1) Stanleys’ Stanhome Katharine Hepburn 7 months her first show, still in full puppy coat, pretty head, good dark pigment, a bit skittish on movement but to be fair her owner/handler was having difficulty walking herself and I am sure this hindered her movement, as she played up. Her immaturity showed but there was a lot to like about her.

JB (4,1) 1. Stanley’s 11 month Starexpress Calendar Girl with Stanhome, a pretty head and sweet expression, dark pigment and eyes. Correct square outline, and she moved well, when settled. Another who needs to mature.
2. Hewitson’s Belstown Cheeky Pumpkin at Moorhey, 14 months, square outline, dark pigment and eyes, flat skull and a pleasing expression. A good mover. A little plainer than 1 which gave the class winner the edge. 3.McCardell’s Phendelle Flamingo Fling

PGB (1) 1. McCardell’s Phendelle Donna 2 yr old, square shape, pretty head and expression, dark pigment, well laid shoulders, but the tail set was not so good on the move though she did move well. The coat was a little brushed out so it did not have a naturally flocked appearance which is an important characteristic of the breed.

LB (2) 1. Johnson’s Biancopale Shining Star 19 months, compact, square, well balanced and muscled. Level top line, excellent tail set she moved gracefully around the ring. A very pretty head and expression, large dark eyes and dark pigment. Coat well flocked as it should be. BB 2. Thomas Belstown Grace’s Carol another with a beautiful well flocked coat. Well sprung ribs, medium length neck. She moved with drive. Her pigment not quite as good as 1, and she is a little longer in the muzzle than 1.

OB (2) 1. Thatcher’s Devonia’s Red Hot Summer 3 yrs old. Spot on in shape and size, lovely square outline. Good front and very sound mover. Expressive face and pretty head with large dark eyes. Beautiful flocked coat, just the right length. A close call in the challenge for BB. Was happy to award her RBB.
2. McArdell’s 4 ½ yrs Tantrum and Tiaras At Phendelle. Well balanced and square, a pretty head and with excellent pigmentation. Quite a dense coat. A good front and moved with drive around the ring. Hard to chose between 1 and 2.

VB (1) Thomas Figgarony Andromache At Belstown 9 ½ yr old in superb condition, good top line, oval feet, and well muscled giving a lovely outline and defying her age. Sweet expression and beautiful flocked coat. Movement was excellent. A tough call between her and the VD.

Virginia Dowty (Clynymona)