Crufts 2019 

Judge Mr H Ogden

BOB Winner ITA CH Radamantino Dante. Congratulations!

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Judge’s Critique
Submitted to the British Bolognese Club for publication due to difficulties in sending it through to Our Dogs show reports, kindly forwarded by Breed Note writer Chris Thatcher.


Well I was as surprised as you probably were to be granted this last minute honour and record my gratitude to Jackie Lane, the Three Counties secretary,for releasing me from my longstanding 2019 judging contract. It can never please everyone to have a change of judge, and in circumstances that all went a bit “public,” but good on you all that there was only one “no show”. There will have been few breeds able to lay claim to that!
I calculated 50 “hands on”. I turned up at the provisional start time of 13.30 but it was around 15.00 before ‘the off’. I was v happy with the depth of quality & now find courtesy of the catalogue that I was indeed able to find a “type”. All credit to you as there has clearly been a significant sharing of knowledge & of co-operation beyond the purely, yet considerable, financial investment. Finally I should record how supportive & enthusiastic a bunch you proved to be with the finale of a post-judging buffet party &  group ‘selfie’ hug!!
VD (3,0)
1st: Hewitson’s Int Ch Predatino Bengi Of Moorhey (Imp Hun); rising 9yrs;as typy as he is sound; has width through skull aided by ears carried correctly “away” to give broad appearence; accentuated stop; squared off muzzle; pigment ok; beautifully square outline; well sprung rib; gd tail carriage; mature,natural looking, offstanding coat; moved as smart as he did parallel; more important than this is that he unwittingly started me discovering a  consistency of type,the catalogue showing 7 of his progeny entered that include the BB.  BVIB.
2nd: Dowty & Seeberger’s Int & Multi Ch Bolognese Star Donald At Havanese Stars; 7.5yrs; outstanding, correctly small, d. who scored heavily with his ex head proportions, firm front & beautifully prepared flocked coat; firmest of fronts; well ribbed; just more rectangular in shape being a touch longer in body & shorter on leg; youthfully showier & oozing breed character to try to win me over.
 3rd: Hopkins’ Strophair Luigi
MPD (2,0)
1st: Mee & Mcardel’s Blonde Chino Geminium; rising 9m; v typy, compact & square; fabulous face of correct proportions; ex pigment; quality coat;  soundly parallel in rear; some weaving in front that the maturing process can address; obviously has a good show season ahead. BPD & BPIB
2nd: Fabian’s Bounien Xenocide Of Rivals (Imp Fin); 8.5m; shorter on the leg, so not quite as squarely balanced; some coat shading; not quite the face but certainly the body that is maturing nicely with a well sprung rib & firm backline; gained in confidence as the class progressed in this daunting environment.
JD (1,0)
1st: Mcardel’s Phendelle Photo Finish;12m of undeniable quality; had so many “breed specifics”; large, round eye; accentuated stop; gd neck & forehand; ex jacket already so well prepared; v well pigmented throughout; went round both true  and  briskly positive; teenager needing to square off as he matures on; should have a successful show season ahead.
PGD (6,0)
1st: Schwarz-Schultz’s Donocielo Marcello;  20m son of BB; small & square; beautiful flocked coat; well pigmented; gd head proportions so as to look at you “right”; gd in rib & brisket; smartly sound & parallel on the move with such character so as to earn his win; should move readily up the ranks.
2nd: Walker’s Aemilias Roberto; 2.5yrs; full of gd breed type; shorter, squared off , muzzle as set against length of skull; accentuated stop; beautifully bodied through rib & loin; mature coat; so stylish on the move making the most of his firm rear; just a tad longer.
3rd: Cockwell’s Devonia’s Lucca
LD (3,0)
1st: Lovie’s Blooton’s Howes Acre; 3yrs; attractive facial features; beautifully coated & pigmented; ex forehand; pretty square; went so well with characteristic style; absolutely sound; well able to hold his own having clearly matured on to advantage.
2nd: Haig’s Amelia’s Marcus Aurelius; 6yrs; gd type through both head & body; gd structure; compact,squarish outline; not quite matching the style & lacked the black nose pigment that the summer sun should surely remedy.
3rd: Hough’s Donocielo Alessandro At Strophair
OD (11,0) Wow! It was a  never-to-be-forgotten moment to savour as this was a rare sight in the UK to see such sheer depth of quality in double numbers in a single class so as to deserve the applause as they circuited. There was not a poor one among them (and included 6 Chs from around the world) requiring a deep breath on my part to cut to just 5. Would much prefer to have been able to show my respect for all through Grading.
1st: Friggi’s Ita Ch Radamantino Dante; 2.5yrs who not only ticked all the boxes but also put in a “goosebumps” performance; small, square; ex head proportions with breadth assisted by highset ears carried away from his head; large, round eye; flashing pigment; correct muzzle; gd angles w/o exaggeration; ex rib & loin; correct croup & tail carriage; offstanding, flocked coat; took it all up a notch on the move that was nimble & ‘oval’ foot perfect from a firm rear & clean front; presented & handled to win. BD &BOB
2nd: Agostini’s Ita Ch Ares Di Chiesanova; 6yrs; significant sire accounting for JB,LB &2nd in PGB; another stunning example of the breed & could have effectively critiqued him by simply repeating most of the above; again scored in head, in coat, in style; in pigment & in soundness; just found him, on table examination, a fraction longer through the loin than Dante; he too was masterfully conditioned, presented & handled; these 2 brought the house down as the ringside acknowledged them in the final challenge. RBD
3rd: Lees & Lees’ Lafford Milky Bar Kid; 2yrs; deserved to have his status noted too so I jotted in my judging book “small; short; type; fabulous”; absolutely splitting hairs & another turned out & performing to the max; will surely be pressing hie case on the home front.
Res: Dowty’s Int & Multi Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo Sh CM
Vhc: Franklin’s Starexpress Italian Dream
1st: Ch & Multi Ch B Star Donald At H Stars
VB (1,0)
1st: Mulligan’s Belstown Mistletoe Nelly Of Donocielo; 8.5yrs; what a stayer with great “attitude” as though she was principally here to party; lovely headpiece; fabulous coat; beautifully bodied; just that bit rectangular being relatively long & low.
MPB (1,0)
1st: Dowty’s Little White Wonder Unica Felice; 8m; super feminine; most lovely head type & proportions with strikingly pigmented large eye & nose; level; firm bodied; promise of an ex coat; gives a gd outline as she circuits; will shorten up to advantage through the maturing process & settle in front. BPB
PB (4,1)
1st: Mee & Mcardel’s Little White Wonder Tosca Stefania; just about to hit 12m; scores in breed type as well as pigment, coat & enviable smart, parallel movement; as expected is still raw in body development; handler was struggling to get the best out of her.
2nd: Zsurkan’s Pici Pelyhes Lady Dy; 10m; petite & the sort of character you want to take home to brighten your day;pretty headed & set off by ex pigment; enviably square & compact; needs time to settle in front.
3rd: Fuller’s Rhosynangel Cerys
JB (5,0)
1st: Hegarty’s Enjanicka Toscana Amore Mio; 15m litter sister to LB; choc full of breed type being “small, white & square”; gd head proportions with its length matching that of neck; gd rib; compact & level; gd tail carriage;long, flocked coat; pigment showed signs of the time of year; exceptionally promising youngster for whom the summer season should see her more than capable of holding her own.
2nd: Hewitson’s Trilly La Signora Dei 100 Cani At Moorhey;16m; another with an assured future; gd head type; ex pigment; correctly offstanding  flocked coat; well constructed with ex pigment;; moved out true with a certain style; just that tad longer, being at the awkward mid-teens stage, that added maturity can address.
3rd: Thatcher’s Gonni Torre Passere With Devonia (Imp, Ita)
PGB (6,0)
1st: Mee & Mcardel’s Sweething Dream Lady At Lyckalotte (Imp, Hun); rising 3yrs; had the advantage of added maturity; scored in both head & body proportions; gd pigment; solidly compact with her well sprung rib & brisket down to elbow; correct, flocked coat; correctly set & carried tail with a smartly balanced profile as she soundly circuited the ring; will readily move up the ranks.
2nd: Fabian’s Enjanicka Toscana Ti Amo To Tumbril; 15m litter sister of JB; of the same consistently gd breed type; head proportions gd with breadth through skull & accentuated stop; correctly squared off,compact, shape; pigment not at its best.
3rd: Lovie’s Blootoon Anna
LB (5,0) Beautifully competitive to make me “think”.
1st: Towers’ Enjanicka Toscana Mio Cara; yet another sibling from this exceptional litter; lovely head type with correct muzzle: skull proportions; width through skull; accentuated stop; ex eye, ears & flashing pigment; neck of same length as head; square; sound; offstanding flocked coat; displayed such  bright breed character & charm; moved out smart & true on sound legs & oval feet. Reserve BB
2nd: Mullidan’s Donocielo Cassia; rising 4yrs full sister to BB; ex breed type with long, flocked coat & another displaying breed character in abundance; gd proportions all through with ex conformation, rib & brisket; just less accentuated in stop & a tad less square but let’s be clear that we are talking standards of excellence here when trying to weigh it all up; a superb b. capable of holding her own against allcomers.
3rd: Hewitson’s Belstown Cheeky Pumpkin At Moorhey
OB (5,0)
1st: Mulligan’s Donocielo Seraphina; rising 5yrs; looked spectacular & brought the breed standard to life aided by her conditioning & skilled handler; ex head features & proportions with forepart of her muzzle almost square; correct in neck & forehand; beautifully pigmented; square & solid in body; outstanding coat;  ‘bang on’  smart movement both way with a riveting outline as she circuited to head her sex and give the BD a run for his money. BB
2nd:Towers’ Tumbril Tennesse Honey With Enjanicka; rising 5 yrs; I might have known (but unlike all of you obviously didn’t!) that here was the dam of the RBB & her winning siblings; she has the desired head type;well pigmented; she has ex conformation & is beautifully bodied; pretty square; soundly balanced & stylish on the move with an abundant, flocked coat; above all else, despite the wait, she oozed the breed’s bright character that I see I have  summarised in a note in my judging book as “cheeky madam”.
3rd: Franklin’s Starexpress Mystery Girl
                                                                                         HOWARD OGDEN (Judge)