British Bolognese Club

31st March 2018

Mr Kevan Berry (Ricksbury)

My grateful thanks to the Officers and Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge their Breed Open Show.  A pity we had such a long wait for the ring to come available and some of the dogs must have been fed up of waiting.  A delightful breed which I enjoyed judging immensely.  I did have a job to find the natural flocked coat and there were quite a lot of white nails.  I was delighted with my main winners which pleased me a lot.  I would like to thank the exhibitors for bring their dogs under me and to my stewards who kept everything moving smoothly


BOB Dowty IR GIB DUT Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo

BD Dowty IR GIB DUT Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo

RBD Dowty & Davidson Lafford Hero

BB Franklin Starexpress Mystery Girl

RBB Mulligan Donocielo Cassia

BP Mulligan Donocielo Giulietta

BV Hopkins Strophair Luigi


JD (3,0)

1 Dowty & Davidson Lafford Hero a well balance young dog with good head proportions.  He has excellent pigmentation and a nice square outline.  Showed well and had a natural flocked coat.  RBD

2 Franklin Starexpress Itialian Dream a smaller built dog who could have been strong in his pigment. He was a little reluctant to show off his virtues, probably fed up having had a long day.

3 Holliday Belstown Merlau Blackbird

ND (2, 1)

1 Whateley Arkadian Marcus Maximus a square outlined dog with a pleasing well balanced head.  A good flocked coat.  He had good feet but I would have liked strong pigment to his toe nails.

LD (3, 1)

1 Mulligan Donocielo Ceasario a nice typy dog with a good eye and nice expression.  Excellent pigmentation and a coat of the correct texture.  I would have liked him a touch shorter in body.

2 Towers Enjanicka Midnight Blue smaller framed dog with a nice coat and has good pigmentation.  He moved and showed quiet well.

OD (4, 2)

1 Dowty IR GIB DUT Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo a lovely well-presented dog with the desired flock coat.  So well-constructed square and compact.  He has good oval feet which were well pigmented.  He displayed a lovely outline on the move and went really well.  He is an excellent example of this breed BD and BIS.

2 Towers Tumbril Timelord he is higher on the leg than the winner.  He has a pleasing head and lovely temperament and moved well.

VD (1, 0)

1 Hopkins Strophair Luigi a lovely well-balanced dog belying his age.  Sound and so well balanced.  He has a good outline, excellent pigment and lovely dark, round, expressive eye.  BV

MPB (2, 1)

1 Mulligan Donocielo Giulietta BPB and BPIS a quality 9 months puppy of super shape.  Well-proportioned body, a pleasing head.  Her coat was of a good texture.  She has sound and steady on the move with a good temperament.  She should have a bright future.

PB (1, 0)

1 Stanley Stanhome Katherine Hepburn nice size and a good shape.  She was however reluctant to show off her many virtues.

JB (5, 0) Nice class but rather mixed for type

1 Dowty Clarchmen Rock with You lovely outline with a very pretty head and strong pigmentation.  She was so well balanced throughout.  A lovely square outline in good coat and condition.  Well presented.

2 Hewitson Belstown Cheeky Pumpkin at Moorhey similar remarks apply; well balanced in body of excellent size.  I particularly like her flocked coat.  A close decision on this placing.

3 Stanley Calendar Girl with Stanhome

NB (2, 1)

1 Whateley Arkadion Beloved Diana small well-balanced bitch with good pigmentation.  She is a little loose in front but with a happy disposition.

LB (4, 0) Another nice class

1 Mulligan Donocielo Cassia she won this class as she was the best mover in the show.  Her movement is sound back and front.  She has a lovely head with excellent pigmentation; large dark appealing eyes.  Has good oval feet and strong pigmentation. RBB

2 Thatcher Devonia’s Red Hot Sumner very similar to the winner just not quiet as positive on the move.

3 Johnson Biancopale Shining Star

OB (7, 2)

1 Franklin Starexpress Mystery Girl wonderfully presented bitch.  This bitch had the best eyes of the entry today, large, dark, sparkling and well set in her well-proportioned head.   Has dense pigmentation, a well-balanced body again with good oval feet.  BB, she complimented the dog for type very well on the challenge.

2 McArdell Tumbril Tantrums and Tiaras at Phendelle another nice bitch of the correct size.  She displayed a lovely outline on the move.  She was in excellent coat and condition.  Once again excellent pigmentation.

3 Golden Kaylo Van Het Balgzand

VB (2, 1)

1 Thomas Belstown Graces’s Carol held a clean balanced outline dark appealing eyes lovely pigmentation. Showed and moved well.

Kevin Berry (Riksbury)