Huge congratulations to Karen Golden with our Best Of Breed winner Kaylo V H Balgzand. Seen here on the right. Well done also to Jane Towers who is in the photo with Best Puppy Enjanicka Midnight Blue

Our club show took place in conjunction with UK Toy, 25th March  2017. Thank you to our judge Mr Derek Smith.

Here are the results…..

Best in Show Miss K Golden Kaylo V H Balgzand
Reserve Best in Show Mrs V Dowty, Miss K Begg & Mr A Davidson Ir Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo
Best Puppy in Show Mrs J Towers Enjanicka Midnight Blue
Reserve Best Puppy in Show Mrs G Franklin Starexpress Mystery Girl
Minor Puppy Dog
1.  Towers Enjanicka Midnight Blue
Puppy Dog
1.Johnsons Biancopale Shooting Star
Junior Dog (absent)
Novice Dog (absent)
Post Graduate Dog


​ Mulligans Donocielo Ceasario
2.McArdells Gerry Maty Ve Maria at Phendelle
3. Johnsons Absuron Imperiale Mars
Limit Dog
1. Towers Tumbril Timelord
2. Houghs Donocielo Alessandro at Strophair
3. Epsteins Bellablakes Bugattis Bow
Open Dog
1. Dowty, Begg & Davidsons Ir Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo
2. Walkers Aemilias Prince Eduardo
Minor Puppy Bitch
1.​ Dowty, Begg & Davidsons Clarchien Snow White
Puppy Bitch


​ Franklins Starexpress Mystery Girl
2. Johnsons Biancopale Shining Star
Junior Bitch
1. Goldens Kaylo V H Balgzand
2. McArdells Phendelle Donna
Novice Bitch (no entries)
Post Graduate Bitch
1. Mulligans Donocielo Cassia
Limit Bitch
1. Dowty, Begg & Davidsons Clarchien Happy
2. Towers Tumbril Tennessee Honey
3. Thomas’s Grace’s CArol
Open Bitch
1. Van Driels Vaniglia
2. Dowty, Begg & Davidsons Gib Vh Clynymona Chelsea Parker at Clarchien
3. Mulligans Donocielo Seraphina
Veteran Bitch
1. Dowtys Multi Ch Bolognese Star Audrey at Havanese Stars
2. Thomas’s Figgarony Andromache at Belstown
Judge’s Critique

British Bolognese Club Open Show, 25 March 2017

What an honour and a pleasure to judge this club’s open show.  A nice entry and a well-attended ringside made for an enjoyable appointment.

Secretary Adele Summers and Chairman Liz Stannard dotted all the “I’s” and I had a lovely time.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

  1. Towers Enjanicka Midnight Blue – lovely puppy, liked him a lot. Pleasing head and eye, lovely coat, very sound and very stylish with a super temperament. Best Puppy Dog and his style and character won him Best Puppy in Show

Puppy Dog (1)

  1. Johnson’s Biancopale Shooting Star – this boy had a lovely head and is well pigmented, little larger than some but he is very shapely and well coated. Good in front but not so good going away.

Junior Dog (1) absent

Novice Dog (1) absent

Post Graduate Dog (3)

  1. Mulligan’s Donocielo Ceasario – very well presented and in lovely coat and condition. Pleasing head, dark nails, such a good shape to him and a sound mover.
  2. McArdell’s Gerry Maty Ve Maria at Phendelle (Imp) This boy is very similar to the winner in many ways so the same remarks apply, except I would prefer darker nails.
  3. Johnson’s Absuron Imperiale Mars

Limit Dog (6-3)

  1. Towers Tumbril Timelord – lovely dog this one, so well made so he is good to go over on the table. Masculine yet lovely for size, liked his head and pigment very much. Lovely neck and front, sound active mover with a lovely coat. Reserve Best Dog
  2. Hough’s Donocielo Alessandro at Strophair – so well bodied and lovely ribbing, very good mover and well pigmented, soundly constructed and liked his head too.
  3. Epstein’s Bellablakes Bugattis Bow

Open Dog (3-1)

  1. Dowty, Begg & Davidson’s Ir Ch Little White Wonder Othello Mateo – gorgeous boy with a wealth of well textured, well presented coat. I felt him a stand away in males, such good balance to his head and lovely pigment, even has black nails, so well made, sound and showy, easily Best Dog but decided he had done enough in BIS so had to give way to the beautiful bitch
  2. Walker’s Aemilia’s Prince Eduardo – this boy has a decent coat and a good body but not the movement I was looking for.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. Dowty, Begg & Davidson’s Clarchien Snow White – lovely baby with a very pretty well pigmented head, lovely legs and feet, sound, showy with a lovely coat

Puppy Bitch (4-2)

  1. Franklin’s Starexpress Mystery Girl – loved the style and type of this girl, full of quality, very sound on the move. Lovely coat which was so well presented, lovely head, good pigmentation, looked the part here. Reserve Best Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch, just flagged a little for Best Puppy in Show
  2. Johnson’s Biancopale Shining Star – very well balanced and a sound one, could not match the presentation of winner and could show a little more enthusiasm.

Junior Bitch (5-3)

  1. Golden’s Kaylo V H Balgzand (Imp) – super quality girl in beautiful coat and condition, so well presented. Very pretty in head and lovely dark eyes, well presented throughout, super neck and topline, so well made and lovely to go over. She is not only sound but has great carriage and full of style. Pulled out all the stops to win Best in Show. Well done.
  2. McArdell’s Phendelle Donna – very well pigmented and a very good mover, eyes are a touch full and presentation could improve.


Post Graduate Bitch (3-2)

  1. Mulligan’s Donocielo Cassio – another nice one, shows herself off well on a loose lead, pleasing head, lovely front, sound and active on the move, lovely coat.

Limit Bitch (4-1)

  1. Dowty, Begg & Davidson’s Clarchien Happy – very pretty with a lovely head and expression, super body and rib, sound in every way, very well coated.
  2. Tower’s Tumbril Tennessee Honey – this little girl is a lovely mover, has a good front and such a pleasing head, very well balanced all through and has a lovely coat.
  3. Thomas’s Belstown Graces Carol


Open Bitch (3)

  1. Van Driel’s Vaniglia – lovely for type and a sound, active mover, beautiful in outline and has a super coat, handler could help her more.
  2. Dowty, Begg & Davidson’s Gib Ch Clynymona Chelsea Parker at Clarchien – another quality girl shown in full coat and beautiful condition, very active and full of herself. Just prefer a slightly better tail.
  3. Mulligan’s Donocielo Seraphina


Veteran (2)

  1. Dowty’s Multi Ch Bolognese Star Audrey at Havanese Stars – exemplary for 11 years, super coat, bit fat but still so active on the move, credit to her owner.
  2. Thomas’s Figgarony Andromache at Belstown – just couldn’t match the winner in any department


Derek Smith _ Judge