British Bolognese Club Open Show

Friday 1 September 2017

Judge Mr T M Evans


Minor Puppy Dog (1)

  1. Franklin’s Starexpress Italian Dream

Puppy Dog(2)

  1. Dowty & Davidson’s Lafford Hero
  2. Tower’s Enjanicka Midnight Blue

Junior Dog (4)

  1. Lee’s Lafford Milky Bar Kid
  2. Dowty & Begg’s Little White Wonder Socrate Enea
  3. Cockwell’s Devonia Lucca
  4. Walker’s Aemilia’s Roberto

Novice Dog (2)

  1. Whateley’s Arkadian Marcus Maximus
  2. Lees & Graham’s Clarchien Sparkle at Lafford

Post Graduate Dog (2)

  1. Mulligan’s Donocielo Ceasario
  2. Johnson’s Absuron Imperiale Mars

Limit Dog (2)

  1. Thatcher’s Devonia’s Montecristo
  2. Hough’s Donocielo Alessandro at Strophair

Open Dog (2)

  1. Dowty & Davidson’s Ir Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo Sh CM

Veteran Dog (3)

  1. Hewitson’s Int Ch Predatino Bengi at Moorhey

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. Dowty & Begg’s Clarchien Rock with You

Puppy Bitch (3)

  1. Hewitson’s Belstown Cheeky Pumpkin at Moorhey
  2. McArdell’s Phendelle Flamingo Fling
  3. Johnson’s Beauchasserur My Solitaire at Absuron

Junior Bitch (3)

  1. Franklin’s Starexpress Mystery Girl
  2. Johnson’s Beauchasserur My Solitaire at Absuron
  3. Fuller’s Rhosynangel Seren

Novice Bitch (3)

  1. Johnson’s Biancopale Shining Star
  2. Hewitson’s Moorhey Flower of the Meadow
  3. Whateley’s Arakadian Beloved Diana

Post Graduate Bitch (3)

  1. McArdell’s Phendelle Donna
  2. Walker’s Aemilia’s Heart to Heart
  3. Whateley’s Aemilia’s Christiana

Limit Bitch (4

  1. Thatcher’s Devonia’s Red Hot Summer
  2. Thomas’s Belstown Grace’s Carol
  3. Dowty & Begg’s Clarchien Happy
  4. Walker’s Lets Gossip of the Black Orchid

Open Bitch (4)

  1. Golden’s Kaylo Van Het Balgzand (Imp Nld)
  2. Mulligan’s Donocielo Cassi
  3. Tower’s Tumbril Tennessee Honey
  4. McArdell’s Tumbril Tantrums & Tiaras at Phendelle

Veteran Bitch (3)

  1. Dowty’s Multi Ch Bolognese Star Audrey at Havanese Stars
  2. Thomas’s Figgarony Andromache at Belstown


Best in Show Dowty & Begg’s: Ir Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo Sh CM

Reserve Best in Show: Golden’s Kaylo Van Het Balgzand (Imp Nld)

Best Puppy in Show Dowty & Davidson’s: Lafford Hero

Best Veteran: Multi Ch Bolognese Star Audrey at Havanese Stars


Judge’s Critique

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

  1. Franklin Mrs G STAREXPRESS ITALIAN DREAM Very promising puppy with masculine head, good pigment, large black nose dark eyes giving a soft expression, correct scissor bite, good shoulders ,and elbows close to chest good neck, level topline, moved soundly in both directions once settled.


Puppy Dog (2)

1.Dowty Mrs V & Begg K LAFFORD HERO:, Lovely compact outline he has a pleasing head with wide flat skull , good pigmentation and dark round large eye good body with good spring of rib and strong loin. level back good coat teture and correct tail set and carriage Moved out well showing his good hind action.

  1. Towers Mrs J ENJANICKA MIDNIGHT BLUE Another with a good head, dark eye and large shiny black nose. Good forequarters with correct depth of brisket and good body. Not as forward in coat as the winner. Moved soundly with legs moving parallel.


Junior Dog (4)

1.Lees Mrs C: LAFFORD MILKY BAR KID Good head proportions with a wide flat skull, dark good sized eyes and plenty of pigmentation. Lovely large black nose Very good straight forequarters and strong well ribbed body with typical rise over loin. Moved out well both ways

  1. Dowty Mrs V & Begg K: LITTLE WHITE WONDER SOCRATE ENEA Very pleasing for both balance and type, good wide flat skull and correct stop dark eyes with good clean dentition moved soundly and his coat is of a very good texture.
  2. Cockwell Miss C :DEVONIA’SLUCCA


Novice Dog (2)

1.Whateley Mr,  Mrs: ARKADIAN MARCUS MAXIMUS Correct in height & length, every department looked & felt in good proportion, masculine head with flat skull, lovely neck length, strong, well laid shoulder, nicely developed forefront with a deep chest, moved well

  1. Lees Mrs C: CLARICHEN SPARKLE AT LAFFORD Good head with dark eyes, correct scissor bite, nice coat of correct texture, well balanced and moved well maintaining a good topline.


Post Graduate Dog (2)

1Mulligan Mr, Mrs D.A&C.M: DONOCIELO CEASARIO Correct  for size and a compact male, good substance and overall balance.   Nice head wide and  flat skull with good dark large round eyes, good overall pigmentation, moderate length of neck, well coated and moved well around the ring.

2.Johnson Mrs S.C & R.S:ABSUR IMPERIALE MARS  Nice square compact  male with good head balance, skull wide and flat , very good eyes for shape and colour, well placed ears, medium length of neck and his ribs are well sprung with elbow close to chest .coat of good texture. Moved ok.

Limit Dog (2)

1.Thatcher Mr, Mrs B.T & C :DEVONIA’S MONTECRISTO Masculine head, dark eyes giving a gentle expression, large black nose and  clean correct dentition, very good front, excellent topline and good moderate turn of stifle, moved out with style. Presented in lovely condition.

  1. Hough Mrs J :DONOCIELO ALESSANDRO at STROPHAIR: Nice for size and balance, good head, not quite the flatness in skull of the winner, but he has dark eyes and a super expression. Shown in good body and clean correct textured coat, he moved well



Open Dog (2,1)

  1. Dowty Mrs V & Begg: Ir Ch LITTLE WHITE WONDER OTHELLO MATTEO Sh CM: Very typical compact dog in excellent coat and showing his best. Well balanced head with good pigmentation, good stop. Nice length of leg, short back, correct moderate turn of stifle of well muscled hindquarters, level back and correct tail set , coat of correct texture and colour ,excellent movement and presentation


Veteran Dog (3,2)

1.Hewitson Mrs S: Int Ch PREDATINO BENGI at MOORHEY : Compact and square well presented in excellent coat, broad flat skull, correct stop , dark round eye and good pigmentation. Good front and length of leg,good body and level back, well muscled hindquarters, good  movement both coming and going


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. Dowty Mrs V & Begg: DCLACHIEN ROCK WITH YOU: Very Pretty head, good front, correctly textured flocked coat, moved very soundly in both directions maintaining a level topline, good tail carriage. Presented in very good condition.


Puppy Bitch (3)

  1. Hewitson Mrs S:BELSTOWN CHEEKY PUMKIN AT MOORHEY: Very pretty compact youngster Very nice head and expression. Black nose and dark eye Good pigmentation. correct scissor bite Good neck and shoulder. Correct length of leg. with good spring of rib shown in good coat. Good body and topline, moves very well keeping her lovely outline,

2.McArdell Mrs H, PHENDELLE FLAMINGO FLING: Feminine bitch of nice size Well balanced head with correct stop and dark eyes. Medium length of neck and correct depth of brisket Good front, good body and topline, strong hindquarters , good coat and moved well.



Junior Bitch (3)

1.Franklin Mrs G : STAREXPRESS MYSTERY GIRL Has a lovely square outline and her head is a delight with great depth of pigment, black nose excellent eyes surrounded by good haloes. Straight front and good spring of rib , level back and good tail set and carriage correct turn of stifle  Excellent coat and presentation. Moved very well keeping a level back at all times

  1. Johnson Mrs S.C & R.S:BEAUCHASSER MY SOLITAIRE at ABSURON (Imp Fra) Another good quality bitch with correct coat texture, she has a good head with correct pigmentation, well balanced with good body. Well muscled hindquarters and moderate turn of stifle, Moved soundly.
  2. Fuller Mr & Mrs P.R & J.E:RHOSYNANGEL SEREN


Novice Bitch (3)

1.Johnson Mrs J &Miss C:BIANCOPALE SHINING STAR Feminine bitch of nice size with well balanced head , correct scissor bite . dark round eye  with well pigmented rims, Good straight front, short back, Good topline and tail carriage carries herself well on the move.

  1. Hewitson Mrs S:MOORHEY FLOWER OF THE MEADOW :Well balanced bitch up to size. Broad flat skull with dark eyes, correct length of muzzle , good front and length of leg in correct proportions. Strong hindquarters. Moved soundly

      3.Whateley Mr & Mrs: ARKADIAN BELOVED DONNA

Post Graduate Bitch (3)

  1. McArdell Mrs H,PHENDELLE DONNA Very pretty feminine bitch with lovely personality and good coat. Well balanced head with correct stop And dark well shaped dark eyes. Good front, short back, good topline and correct tail carriage. correct coat texture and type. Moved very well
  2. Walker F :AEMILIA’S HEART TO HEART: Feminine bitch of nice size. Well balanced head with good pigmentation Good square and compact body and level short back. good tail set and good coat texture Carries herself well on the move
  3. Whateley Mr & Mrs: AEMILIA’S CHRISTIANNA



Limit Bitch (4)

  1. Thatcher Mr, Mrs B.T & C:DEVONIA’S RED HOT SUMMER Very pleasing for both balance and type. Good wide flat skull and plenty o pigmentation .large dark round eyes, good clean dentition , with neck of medium length and well sprung ribs Well bodied with typical level back. Very good flocked coat , good hind action, and moved well
  2. Thomas Ms M: BELSTOWN GRACE’S CAROL Very pretty and eye catching with her good pigmentation and pleasing expression. Good scissor bite Correct head and skull Well bodied and shown in good coat and condition. preferred overall movement of winner.
  3. Dowty Mrs V & Begg: CLARCHIEN HAPPY


Open Bitch(4)

  1. Golden Miss K.A:KAYLO VAN HET BALGZAND (Imp Nld) Very feminine, good temperament, dark eyes giving a melting expression, large black nose and large dark round eyes, excellent front, good long flocked coat and maintained a level topline both standing and on the move. She really flowed around the ring and moved well in both directions. Presented in excellent condition.
  2. Mulligan Mr, Mrs D.A&C.M:DONOCIELO CASSIA Pretty bitch with lovely flocked coat. Has flat skull well proportioned head and nice dark eye, well sprung ribs. Free movement. Good tail set and carriage on the move to present a balanced finish.


Veteran Bitch (3,1)

1.Dowty Mrs V, Multi Ch BOLOGNESE STAR AUDREY at HAVANESE STARS; Well proportioned and very sound bitch with lovely head and skull , dark eye and sweet expression. clean correct dentition, good pigmentation correct depth of brisket and forequarters well proportioned very nice textured coat Moves freely with drive from behind.

2.Thomas Ms M:FIGGARONY ANDROMACHE at BELSTOWN :Lovely head and expression with good eyes, well pigmented, excellent coat texture. Well ribbed with strong slightly arched loin and good tail set. Coat of correct texture Moved well.


Judge Mr T.Mervyn Evans