British Bolognese Club Open Show 31 August 2018

NAC Stoneleigh
Judge Mark Burns
Best in Show Golden’s Kayla Van Het Balgzand (Imp NLD)
Reserve Best in Show Dowty’s Ir CH Clynymona Jo I’m Alone
Best Dog Dowty & Davidson’s Lafford Hero
Reserve Best Dog Tower’s Enjanicka Midnight Blue
Best Puppy in Show Begg’s Mogol at Clarchien
Reserve Best Puppy in Show Thatcher’s Gonna Torre-Della Passers with Devonian (Imp IT)
Best Veteran in Show Dowty & Seeberger’s Multi CH Bolognese Star Donald at Havanese Stars
Minor Puppy Dog
1. McArdell’sl Phendelle Photo Finish
Puppy Dog – no entries
Junior Dog
1. Begg’s Mogol at Clarchien
Novice Dog – no entries
Post Graduate Dog
1. Walker’s Aemilias Roberto
Limit Dog
1. Franklin’s Starexpress Italian Dream
2. Walker’s Aemilias Roberto
3. Hough’s Donocielo Alessandro
4. Haig’s Aemilia’s Marcus Aurelius
Open Dog
1. Dowty & Davidson’s Lafford Hero
2. Tower’s Enjanicka Midnight Blue
3. Mulligan’s Donocielo Caesario
Veteran Dog
1. Dowty & Seeberger’s Multi CH Bolognese Star Donald at Javanese Stars
Minor Puppy Bitch – no entries
Puppy Bitch
1. Thatcher’s Gonna Torre-Della Passers with Devonian
2. Tower’s Enjanicka Toscana Miocaro
3. Hewitson’s Trilly La Signor Dei One Hundred Cani at Moorhey (Imp ITA)
4 Hopkins’s Enjanicka Toscana Ti Adore
Junior Bitch
1. Mulligan’s Donocielo Giulietta
Novice Bitch
1. Johnson’s Beauchasseur My Solitaire at Absuron (Imp FRA)
Post Graduate Bitch
1. Walker’s Aemilia’s Heart to Heart
2. Fuller’s Rhosynangel Serena
3. Johnson’s Beauchasseur My Solitaire at Absuron (Imp FRA)
Limit Bitch
1. Hewitson’s Belstown Cheeky Pumpkin at Moorhey
2. Johnson’s Biancopale Shining Star
3. Glover’s Lagspring Cilla Black
Open Bitch
1. Golden’s Kayla Van Het Balgzand (Imp NLD)
2. Dowty’s Ir CH Clynymona Jo I’m Alone
3. McArdell’s Tumbril Tantrums and Tiaras at Phendelle
4. Towers Tumbril Tennessee Honey with Enjanicka
5. Franklin’s Starexpress Mystery Girl