Bolognese Puppies



The Bolognese are a rare breed but puppies are occasionally available from reputable breeders to responsible homes. You may experience a short delay in finding a puppy, but they are always worth the wait! We hope the following advice will be useful when choosing a Bolognese puppy. 


Any member of the bolognese Club committee can provide information on reputable breeders , contacts here. Or please contact Ms Adele Summers, our secretary, at for an up to date puppy availability list. 



Before entering into any agreement perhaps check the following points:

  •      Are they a member of the British Bolognese Club?
  •       How long have they been breeding? However a breeder claiming many years experience does not necessarily mean they are producing healthier dogs. 
  •    A dog consistently in the show ring is also no guarantee of a healthier dog. The key is health and the breeder should be questioned on this regarding the sire/dam and the puppies. Best to visit the puppies in the home environment and make your own judgement.  
  •        If you are not sure what to ask call the Secretary or Chairman for advice.
  •       The average price for a puppy is around £1000 and normally includes:

o   Kennel Club Registration. However this is no guarantee of a well bred dog. Anybody with the correct paperwork can register a litter. The Kennel Club do not have the facilities to check every litter registered and anybody who pays the fee can sell a registered litter of puppies on the Kennel Club site.

o   Had at least 1 inoculation and vet checked.

o   Microchipped and or DNA profiled.

o   Have an Insurance policy in place

o   Be provided with an information sheet on the care of the puppy, feeding instructions and a supply of food for the first few days if required.

o   Facility to take puppy back if conditions change.

      Bolognese are not required by the Kennel Club to have any specific health screening tests, however slipping patellas can be a problem in many small breeds and can be present in the Bolognese too. The Club recommends that breeders regularly test for patella problems. Any responsible breeder should be doing this. Ask to see documentation from their vet if at all concerned.  


Remember if there is a problem with a breeder and they are not members of the Bolognese Club, there is nothing we can do. If they are members there is at least some chance of mediation.

Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme - Kennel Club Assured Breeders sign up to follow recommended breeding guidelines. They make use of health screening schemes, if applicable (not currently with the Bolognese) which will help owners to predict the future health of their puppy.  They will ensure the puppy is seen with its mother and siblings, to give an indication of how the puppy is likely to develop. Any responsible dog breeder should be prepared to answer your questions about the breed. They will also give new owners written information regarding the socialisation, training and dietary requirements of the puppy and will be there as a point of contact throughout the puppy’s life to ensure that the dog and owner have a happy and fulfilling relationship. If a breeder doesn’t follow these guidelines and if the puppies do not appear happy and are not kept in good conditions, then look elsewhere. Information on the Assured Breeders Scheme can be found on the Kennel Club website if you follow this link A list of bolognese Assured breeders can be found here However it must be stressed that many excellent breeders are not Assured breeders. Best to visit the puppy in the home environment and make your own judgment.