Championship Shows with Bolognese Classes 2016

March 10th Toy

United Kingdom Toy Dog Society,
March 26th

West of England Ladies Kennel Society,
April 22nd Toy

Birmingham Dog Show Society
May 7th Toy

Scottish Kennel Club
May 22nd Toy

Bath Canine Society,
May 27th Toy

Southern Counties Canine Association,
June 3rd Toy

Three Counties Agricultural Society
June 12th Toy

Border Union Agricultural Society
June 18th Toys

Blackpool & District Canine Society
June 24th Toy

Windsor Dog Show Society
July 2nd Toy

East Of England Agricultural Society
July 10th Toys

Leeds City & District Canine Association
July 23rd Toy

Paignton & District Fanciers Association
August 9th Toy

Bournemouth Canine Association
August 15th Toy

Welsh Kennel Club, Builth Wells
August 19th Toy

Scottish Kennel Club
August 28th Toy

City Of Birmingham Canine Association
September 2nd Toy

Richmond Dog Show Society
September 9th Toy

Darlington Dog Show Society,
September 18th Toy

Belfast Dog Show Society,
September 24th Toy

South Wales Kennel Association
October 8th Toy

Midland Counties Canine Society
October 28th Toy

Ladies Kennel Association
December 10th Toy

Compiled by Greta Franklin ( Bolognese Calendar )